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Your organization has chosen CARE as their independent secure channel to receive reports.  Your report will be transmitted to the designated individual(s) within the organization who has been trained to handle it appropriately.  You can check your organization's policy documents and message on your main reporting page for more information. 

No, CARE is independently owned and operated by Grant Thornton LLP and is not affiliated with any of the organizations which use the program.  In this way, you can be sure that your identity will not be given to the organization unless you want it to - you can remain anonymous.

CARE understands that one of the few ways for you to protect yourself can be to remain anonymous.  We strongly believe in whistleblower protection and are experts in working to that goal.  The program has been designed and built to enable this and our contract stipulates that we will not provide ANY whistleblower information unless you have authorized it.   

CARE provides three options for the security of your personal details.  Firstly, it enables you to remain completely anonymous and still be able to communicate securely using the tool.  Secondly, you can provide us your contact details but not authorize us to pass them on, and use us as a secure “middle-man”.  Thirdly you can provide us your details and instruct us to pass them on to the organization to contact you directly - it's your choice. 

Your organization has chosen CARE as a secure channel of communication to report specific issues.  More information is available in the company documents on your main reporting page.

People can also use the tool if they feel that it is not safe to report their information using other methods.  If in doubt you can always call us and we will help you figure it out. 

No - your job is not to investigate or prove what is going on, that is the job of management.  All you need to do is to provide all the information in as much detail as you can.  

It is very natural to feel this way - you can always call us and speak with one of our trained investigators to help you work it through.  If you decide not to make a report, nothing happens… it's your call. 

The organizations which use CARE and their management are committed to doing the right thing and have provided this tool to help protect those who speak up.  If you think you are suffering any form of retaliation for making a report, use the tool to report it.  We receive everything that is reported and can escalate problems to the highest levels as needed to deal with this type of issue. 

Using these unique details, you will be able to log back into the CARE system, review or add to your report, ask or answer questions, and communicate with your organization anonymously.  Note that you will not be able to retrieve or reset your password if you lose it and will no longer be able to log back into your original report.  In order to continue communication, you will have to create a second report. 

Yes, you can but you will require the Report ID and password which was provided after you have submitted your report. Note that you will not be able to retrieve or reset your password if you lose it.

We can only provide log-in details to people with whom we can communicate. Submissions made by phone, email, or online allow us to do this. Submissions made by mail are imported into the system, but we can only provide log-in details if a method of communication is provided.  If a mail submission is completely anonymous we have no way to provide log-in details.